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Chase the Ace Rider Edition
Jorgen Hus Ace of Spades was found in envelope number 2  at week 21.  Congrats to Eugene Franks for winning


All Subscriptions have been cancelled.

Stay tuned for the next Chase the Ace Rider Edition
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1 ticket for


10 tickets for


50 tickets for


200 tickets for


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Week 1 starts on Jan 6th  2023 with the first draw date being Friday Jan  13th.

Jan 6th

Buy your tickets weekly and/or buy a subscription to every week until the Ace of Spades is found.  Your tickets will automatically be emailed and credit card debited each week.

The weekly winner receives 20% of that week's sales and receives a phone call from the Foundation.  This is when you get to pick your envelope from 1-52.  You can see the chosen envelopes here 

Catching the Jorgen Hus card (Ace of Spades) wins the Progressive Jackpot which is 30% of all ticket sales


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